What should I do if I have forgotten the PIN code for my SIM card?

Before we dig a little deeper into PIN and PUK codes, it's important to understand that there are two different PIN codes: one for your device and one for your SIM card.

  • You set the PIN code for your device during the installation. You can also change it through your phone's settings. This code grants you access to your phone.

  • The default PIN code of your SIM card at Mobile Vikings is 1111. You use this PIN code to access the network. More info regarding your SIM card, including your PIN and PUK code, can be found in your My Viking account.

Please note: have you ever changed the PIN code of your SIM card? Then you won't find it in your My Viking account. You will continue to see the original PIN code. If you no longer remember the PIN code you set yourself, you can change it as follows:

  • Enter the wrong PIN code 3 times

  • Enter your PUK code. You can retrieve your PUK code here.

  • You will be asked to choose a new PIN code.