I have a problem with my wifi signal. How can I fix it?

Issues with your internet connection can have all kinds of causes. Therefore, we would like to ask you to test a few things.

First of all, can you restart both your modem and the device(s) you are trying to surf with? To restart your modem, turn off the device, wait about 15 seconds, and turn it on again. It may take a while for your modem to be fully set up again - that's normal.

If that doesn't help, double-check that you're connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. The login details are on your (Bbox-3) modem or on the sticker you received during installation. If you have an Internetbox modem, you can find the login details via your My Viking account.

Pro-tip: if a cable is an option, it is definitely recommended. Cable is generally faster and more stable than Wi-Fi. Speaking of cables, checking that they are still in place is often a good idea.

Do you prefer an comprehensive step-by-step plan? Then be sure to check out our online guides.
Here you can find different step-by-step plans (how to solve an issue, how to do a reset, how to change the password, ...) for your B-BOX 3V+modem or your Internetbox modem.

If the above tips have not helped, please contact customer service.