Special conditions Global Data Pass

  1. General

These Special Terms & Conditions apply to the use of Mobile Viking nv's Global Data Pass. The General Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy) of Mobile Vikings also apply, to the extent not deviated from in these Special Terms and Conditions.

Mobile Vikings' Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy Policy) can always be consulted on Mobile Vikings' website.

  1. What is a Global Data Pass?

The Global Data Pass will provide you, as a Viking, access to the use of mobile data in countries outside the European Economic Area and the UK, where mobile data usage is automatically blocked by Mobile Vikings to avoid high costs, if you do not use a Global Data Pass.

The Global Data Pass is available both for mobile subscriptions and prepaid cards.

The countries in which the Global Data Pass can be used are the following: Albania, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Faroe Islands, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, U.S. Virgin Islands, Ukraine, United States.

The Global Data Pass is available among the services as listed on the website.

The Global Data Pass is valid for 1 month from activation, regardless of whether you have used data or not.

Have you used up your current Global Data Pass? Then you can activate a new one as you please, with a maximum of 6 Global Data Passes per month per phone number. If you have activated several Global Data Passes, the Global Data Pass that was activated first will be used first.

The Global Data Pass is for mobile data usage only and does not cover calls or SMS costs. Calls and SMS are subject to the local rates mentioned in the SMS you receive when you arrive abroad. You can also find them on our roaming page.

You can track the status and usage of your active Global Data Pass(es) in your My Viking account. We will also alert you via SMS when your active Global Data Pass is close to or fully used, or expires.

  1. Activation of the Global Data Pass

There are 2 ways to activate a Global Data Pass:

  • Purchase via your My Viking account on the website or My Viking app. Outside the EU, you logically need a connection to a Wi-Fi network for this.
  • Purchase via SMS by following the guidelines sent to you upon arrival in the destination country. This activation method does not require you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, unless you need to make a manual payment. Receiving and sending these SMS is free of charge.

4. Payment of the Global Data Pass

For Mobile Vikings mobile subscriptions, the Global Data Pass will be activated immediately and appear on your next invoice/payment invitation. To pay those, as always, your available Viking Points will be used first.

When using a Mobile Vikings prepaid card, you can pay for the Global Data Pass for a purchase via your My Viking account on the website or in the app using your available Viking Points or the calling credit still available on your prepaid card or resulting from any additional top-up you may do. If these are not enough to fully cover the price of the Global Data Pass, you will have to make a separate payment. When purchasing via SMS, the payment will first be made via any available calling credit on your prepaid card. If there is insufficient calling credit available for a full payment, any Viking Points in your account will be used. If there are insufficient Viking Points in your account for a full payment, your chosen payment method in your My Viking account (Easy Payment) will be used for the remaining amount. If you do not have an Easy Payment method set up in your account, you will have to make a separate online payment via Mobile Vikings' available payment methods. For this, outside the EU, you will need a connection to a Wi-Fi network.

If you place your Global Data Pass order via SMS, you may not be able to complete the order via SMS because you have not set up an Easy Payment method. In that case, you will need to place the order via your My Viking account on the website or My Viking app. Of course, after setting up an Easy Payment method, you can then order a Global Data Pass by SMS.

5. The Global Data Pass and travelling in the EU

The Global Data Pass can only be used for mobile data usage in the countries listed above.

If you (also) travel to the EU (+ UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), European roaming rates will apply for your stay in the EU (RLAH - Roam Like At Home). More info can be read on this page, and information per country is available on our roaming page.

Download these special conditions of the Global Data Pass.