I have received a notification that I need to change the SIM card for a mobile number by 30/6/2023. Why?

This is indeed necessary because certain combinations of devices and SIM cards have an outdated way of connecting to the network. Replacing that old SIM card for free with a new one will solve that. You request your new SIM card for free in your My Viking account. By the way, also take the opportunity to switch to an eSIM if your device allows it: you can check if it does when you apply for your new SIM card. So much easier, eSIM...

If the old SIM card is not replaced, it will no longer be possible to surf, call or text with the number in question outside Belgium (in the EU). In Belgium itself, however, this will all still be possible. Moreover, after 30/6/2023, these SIM cards will also not be able to benefit from the latest technological features we (will) offer. 

If you do not use the SIM card in question abroad, but, for example, in an alarm system in Belgium, you will not need to replace it. This is because in Belgium nothing will change to your services.

IMPORTANT: this does not apply to all SIM cards, but to an absolute minority. Vikings with a SIM card that needs to be replaced will be notified personally via e-mail, SMS and in the My Viking app. In other words: if you don't get a notification yourself, there is no need to replace your SIM card.