What happens if I call or text numbers with value-added services abroad?

Numbers with Value-Added Services (VAS) are e.g. paying numbers, free numbers or shared-cost numbers to which you can call and/or text to get access to services such as gaming, matchmaking, content editing, information such as the weather forecast, doctors on duty, etc. At the beginning of the call, you are always warned that there will be additional charges for this call. You will also be informed about the cost per minute.

If you travel outside Belgium (roaming) and call or text to such a VAS number (local, Belgian, European or non-European),... :

  • your national rate does not apply.
  • the rate advertised for local users does not apply to you.
  • a surcharge may apply, including for services advertised as free in the visited country (these are only free for local users and not when roaming).

VAS number ranges vary from country to country. To avoid surprises, you can check which VAS number ranges are subject to a surcharge by clicking here. The information is available per EU country, but unfortunately not for other countries.