I am going to move. What do I do with my current Internet at home subscription?

Are you planning on moving and do you want to move your Internet at home subscription with you? Then you can request an installation at your new address via our website. Once you have moved, you can stop your connection at your old address. You can do this via our website, in your My Viking account. You will eventually receive a pro-rata calculation of your last invoice.

We recommend sending your current modem and/or booster back to us. That way, we ensure a smooth installation at your new address, and you will also receive a brand new Internetbox modem.

As we would like to recycle and maybe even revive your modem and WiFi booster, please return them to us free of charge and within 2 weeks. Everything you need to do so, can be found in your My Viking account. There, you download a label to return your modem and WiFi booster(s) via bpost. This is possible at a bpost office or a bpost postal point.