Where can I best place my wifi boosters?

What type of modem do I have?
Internet Box
Based on the pictures below, you can easily find out what type of modem is installed in your home.

    • BBox-3:
      Do you have a Bbox-3? If so, click on the ‘B-box3’ tab to see where it's best to place your wifi-boosters.

    • Internet box:
      Do you have an Internet Box? If so, click on the ‘Internet Box’ tab to see where it's best to place your wifi-boosters.

To place your WiFi booster correctly and optimise your WiFi in your home, take a few things into account:

  • If you can only connect your WiFi booster to your modem via WiFi, any underfloor heating/the size of your house/insulation, or constructions in the floor and/or ceiling can reduce the range of your booster. 
  • We therefore strongly advise you to connect your WiFi booster to your modem via a network cable. In some (newly built) houses, this cabling is present and available through outlets in the wall.

In other cases, it is advisable to order boosters that work via the electricity network (so-called powerlines) in order to guarantee a good internet connection in the entire house. Powerlines are available from a number of Viking Deal partners. That way, you also earn Viking Points!


To make the best use of your wifi booster, it is best to put it in a central place between your internet box and the device that must be able to receive wifi. Turn the booster on, and check if the positioning light turns green. Is this not the case? Then place the booster closer to the internet box.

If you have an internal ethernet network at home, you can also connect the wifi booster to this via an ethernet cable to extend your wifi network or to connect a second device via the second port. Once you have turned on the wifi booster, the positioning light will turn blue. All done!

Good to know: the wifi boosters use EasyMesh technology, which allows the boosters to connect to each other. This benefits the quality of the connection, and you will also be able to use your wifi within a larger area as a result. Thanks to wifi 6, your device will also automatically connect to the wifi booster that offers the best connection. From the moment two wifi boosters are installed, this option is available by default.