Can I use Easy Switch to switch to another operator?

You can easily switch to another operator via Easy Switch. If you choose for Easy Switch, the new operator will make sure that (a part of) your current services at Mobile Vikings will be stopped and/or transferred to your new operator. You have two possibilities with Easy Switch:

  • Transfer internet at home to another operator. In this case, your internet at home will automatically be stopped at Mobile Vikings. Any mobile numbers remain active at Mobile Vikings.
  • Stop mobile numbers and transfer your home internet to another operator. In this case, your specified Mobile Vikings numbers and your fixed internet will be automatically discontinued at Mobile Vikings.

Completion of the Easy Switch process depends on both completion of the installation, and processing by the other operator.

To use Easy Switch, you need some information: your Easy Switch ID and your Mobile Vikings customer number. These can be found in your My Viking account, or on your bill/invoice.