How does the installation of Fiber work?

For an existing house

A fiber cable is laid from the street to your home. A contractor will come and install it. Then a technician will extend the fiber optic cable further into your home and install the fiber socket. And that's it! ;) 

For an apartment

You can also opt for Fiber in an apartment building. First, your syndic must get permission from the owner to install Fiber in the common parts of the building. As soon as there is Fiber installed there, you can order your own fiber subscription. Once your appointment is made, someone will come by to install Fiber in your apartment. After the installation is complete, the installer will check that everything is working at light speed.

For new construction 

Even in new construction houses or apartments, a fiber cable must be laid from the street to inside the house/apartment.In this case, the process is the same as for an already existing home.

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