How can I connect my home to the fiber network?

You can do that in a few simple steps: 

  1. Check if Fiber is available at your address.
  2. If Fiber is already available, you can proceed with the application or switch to an internet at home subscription of Mobile Vikings.
  3. If Fiber is not yet available, don't hesitate to keep an eye on our website for the further rollout of Fiber.   
  4. After that, make an appointment for installation. 
  5. A technician will come to your home and install Fiber for free. 
  6. Enjoy super fast and super stable internet at home afterward!

Are you a renter?

You can also opt for Fiber in an apartment building. First, your syndicate must get permission from the owner to install Fiber in the common parts of the building. Once Fiber is installed, you as a resident can also set up your own Fiber subscription. Make an appointment for an installation and afterwards you can enjoy Fiber in your own space!