What is the difference between Fiber and VDSL/COAX?

A coaxial cable or VDSL cable, which consist mainly of copper cables, have a number of disadvantages that Fiber does not have:

  • The longer the copper cable, the greater the resistance. Lower resistance increases capacity and maximum speed.
  • A copper cable suffers from external influences, such as moisture and irradiation, which can quickly age the network.
  • When many cable users are active on the same local part of the network at the same time (e.g. during peak hours), it affects the internet speed that users can achieve. 
  • A copper cable has a maximum capacity and is therefore not future-proof.
  • Damage or age can wear out those cables, which can negatively affect signal quality and bandwidth.

A coaxial cable uses the network that has always served for analog television distribution, but was upgraded for Internet and television. A VDSL cable uses the network that has always served for fixed telephony, but was upgraded for Internet and sometimes television.

Do you currently have a VDSL/ COAX connection and fiber was recently installed in your street? Would you like to switch? Then you should read this article.

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