A fiber connection offers many advantages

  • It is easier and more user-friendly: a fiber connection is more stable and makes it easier for you to use the Internet with different devices at the same time.
  • It is more environmentally friendly: fiber is better for the environment than the copper or coaxial cables that already provide us with Internet today. In fact, fiber requires less electricity when transmitting data compared to copper cables.
  • It is innovative: all the technologies we already use today and that will be developed in the future will require more and more bandwidth, and fiber is the best solution for that.

But what does Fiber mean for you specifically? 

A fiber cable offers more space for data, allowing you to surf much faster on multiple devices at the same time. For example, you can already download a 1.5 GB movie in only 56 seconds, a music album in even less time. This also makes the connection more stable. Binge-watching on the couch, but at the same time gaming in the mancave. Fiber allows you to perfectly watch your series in 4K/ultra-HD, without any hitches or long loading times. Gaming will also go smoother and without hitches, even online with friends! So even with heavy internet use, you won't notice anything at all!

Furthermore, several independent studies have already confirmed that Fiber in the home is an added value, especially if you would like to sell your home later. Fiber will therefore become a standard requirement like water and electricity in the future.

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