What happens during a Fiber installation by Fiberklaar/ Unifiber?

Quite a lot. Let's sum it up for you:

  • Fiberklaar (for Flanders)/ Unifiber (for Wallonia) will roll out the Fiber network by zone. Such a zone is not necessarily an entire city or municipality.
  • The Fiber network is laid in your street. In 99% of cases, this involves extensive digging.
  • At your address, a Fiber connector is installed at the best possible location and connected to the network in the street.
  • From the Fiber connector, a cable is pulled to the location where your modem will be located.

This is what Fiberklaar does. To activate your Mobile Viking internet subscription at home, our installer will then drop by and install your modem. He/she thoroughly tests your connection, and that's it.