What is Mobile Vikings doing to help with the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria?

A devastating earthquake like that of 6/2/2023 in Türkiye and Syria affects us all. In such situations, being able to communicate carefree with family and friends on location becomes all the more crucial. That is why, during the entire month of February, all calls and text messages from Belgium to Türkiye and Syria were free of charge. This applied to all calls and texts for "normal use". This did not include numbers for value-added services, such as premium numbers. All costs for calls and texts to Turkey and Syria made before 14/2/2023, will be rectified with a credit note. Get in touch with our helpdesk and they will het the job done.

In addition, the most important thing at the moment is financial help. For example, you can text the word help to 4330 to donate € 1 per SMS. This relief effort has no end date for now.

You can also donate a different amount to the International Red Cross or AFAD, for example. For questions about calling and texting to Türkiye and Syria, you can always contact our helpdesk!