Not here. Can we agree on that?

The "Not Here" initiative was created to counter online hate speech on social media. With these guidelines, we want to help ensure that social media channels are a place where you can say what you think, in a respectful way. That way we keep it nice for everyone reading along.

At Mobile Vikings, we definitely encourage interaction on our social media channels. So asking questions, commenting, or criticizing is all allowed. Do we always have to agree with each other? Certainly not. Use your right to free speech and feel free to shout your opinion from the social media rooftops. But, there are limits.

Hate speech? Swearing? SPAM or nude images? Not here.

What is hate speech?

Publicly inciting hatred, discrimination, violence, or segregation against a person or group because of a protected criterion (ethnicity, ancestry and cultural background, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability). Posts that comply with this may be punishable and do not belong on social media. They may be removed without notice and your reaction may be reported to that specific social media channel, to Unia and/or to the police.

More info can be found on the 'Not Here' website.