If I use mobile data besides my normal bundle (out of bundle) in the EU (outside Belgium), how can I know how much extra costs I have already incurred?

Very easily: with the number for which you want the info, you text the word BALROAM to 1984, free of charge. You will then receive a text message with the amount of mobile data you have used out of bundle within the EU at that time. Even if you have not yet incurred any such out-of-bundle costs, we will of course let you know.

For prepaid cards: those extra costs will be deducted from the calling credit you have at that moment. After all, you use this mobile data while roaming within the EU besides the bundle you get with each top-up. If you don't have enough calling credit to cover those extra out-of-bundle costs, you can't use any more mobile data, in other words. Doing a top-up can solve this, because then you will of course get a new bundle of mobile data to use.

For subscriptions: the extra mobile data you use out of bundle while roaming within the EU will be included as an extra cost on your next invoice/payment invitation. Of course, if you want to avoid this, you can also renew your subscription earlier. That way, your next month will start earlier, and you'll also get new bundles to use.

Important: before you incur excessive extra costs by using mobile data out of bundle within the EU, we will of course let you know in good time and automatically (at € 48 and € 108). At € 60 and € 120 costs out of bundle, we block the use of mobile data for your safety. You can then choose whether to continue surfing at out-of-bundle costs (see codes below) or not. We will keep you informed of your usage via SMS.

For data usage within the EU, there are a number of codes you can text for free to 1984. An overview:

  • BALROAM: get your current balance for the number you use to send this free text message. Is your bundle of mobile data already used up within the EU? If yes, how many extra out-of-bundle costs have you already incurred?
  • DATAROAMINGCONTINUE: for your security, we automatically block your data usage within the EU after € 60 or € 120 of extra out-of-bundle costs. We'll let you know via text message. If you text this code DATAROAMINGCONTINUE to 1984, you ignore this blocking once to continue surfing. You therefore also continue to incur extra costs. Of course, you do get the following notification about extra out-of-bundle costs again.