I accidentally chose the wrong price plan for my subscription. What now?

At the moment, it is not possible to cancel a price plan change once it has been chosen. Please note that you do not have two recurring subscriptions: only the bundles of the subscription you changed are renewed and the previous subscription bundles expire at the end of the bundle period. 


If you still have plenty of data and/or calling minutes left, it is best to select the option “at the end of the current bundle period”. If you need more data and/or calling minutes, you can start the new subscription immediately. 

Only the bundles with the latest start date will be renewed. For example: 

My current bundles start on the 8th of the month. I renew or change my subscription on the 28th. The old bundles will remain active until the 8th of the next month, but will not be renewed. The subscription will continue from the 28th forward, with the 28th being the new renewal date.