Will changing or renewing the price plan of my subscription cost me extra?

When changing or renewing your subscription, you will be charged for the new bundle. Depending on how and when you change your subscription, you will not pay more. 

How to change your subscription: 

  • If you plan to make the change at the end of the bundle, the change will only take place at the end of the current bundle period. In that case, there is no overlap and no double payment.
  • If you change or renew your subscription immediately, you keep the remaining bundles from the previous subscription, which you use first. You will also get the new data bundle and/or extra call bundles. We recommend you do this if you don't have enough data or calling minutes to get through the bundle month.

In this case, there is a somewhat of an overlap between bundles and you will be billed for both the previous bundle month and the newly chosen subscription, slightly earlier than normal depending on your situation.

Here is a direct link where you can renew or change your subscription.