I want to transfer my number with a prepaid card to another operator. What happens to my remaining calling credit?

Well, as of 3/1/2023 you'll be entitled to a refund of the remaining calling credit of the number you want to transfer to another operator. A few important notes:

  • You can request the refund only if you immediately transfer the number of the prepaid card to another operator. If you terminate the number, no calling credit will be refunded.
  • The refund can only be requested for calling credit purchased via a top-up. A free bundle of mobile data, e.g. a bundle from a Viking Clan, will not be refunded.
  • Keep in mind we will deduct the amount of € 5 for administration costs from the remaining calling credit. This means that amounts lower than this will not be refunded.
  • You need to request your refund within 1 month after the transfer to your new operator.
  • The refund will be done in the same manner as the calling credit was initially purchased: via Bancontact, MasterCard, VISA or direct debit.
  • After approval of your request by Mobile Vikings the refund will take place within 2 weeks after your request.
  • You can't transfer calling credit to another Mobile Vikings number.

As of 3/1/2023, you'll be able to request your refund here. Please provide as much information as possible, so our helpdesk can have a look at your options as soon as possible.